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Swiss Corporate Fashion: Focus on the company's textile message

Employees look more competent when they wear competent clothing. In the past, workwear was worn as protective clothing over the personal outfit. That is no longer the case. In the meantime, workwear - especially corporate fashion - fulfils functional, motivating and communicative tasks in equal measure and represents an important economic factor.

Corporate fashion is a living corporate culture, turns employees into a visible team, strengthens cohesion and creates an identity to the job description.

Textile leasing is increasingly becoming a decisive economic factor: calculable costs, guaranteed compliance with standards and hygiene regulations and representative dressed employees are the result.

The most diverse finishing techniques are naturally also an elementary component of Swiss Corporate Fashion.

At Swiss Corporate Fashion, decision-makers, buyers, marketing managers, experts in workwear and workwear and managing directors find out about the various possibilities and innovations in the industry. A top-class supporting programme with interesting lectures, fashion shows and presentations of various finishing techniques round off the programme.

Main focus of the exhibition:

  • Novelties in materials
  • New shapes and colour variety
  • New workwear designs
  • Interaction of functionality and fashionization"
  • Finishing and individualization
  • Textile leasing and rental laundry service
  • All-round textile service
  • Workwear subscription
  • Smart workwear with networked safety systems
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